The Grip Tape that every home needs !

Hang up everything

Can hang up anything from paintings to dish racks and even memorabilias in your basement. Allowing you to hang anything and not have to rely on power tools.

No more damaging walls

With the Nano Grip Tape™️, you can finally hang up anything without ever hammering another nail or drilling another hole in your wall ever again.

How does the Nano Grip Tape works ?

The Nano Grip Tape™️ works like a Gecko's toe pads.

Gecko's toe pads enable them to climb smooth and vertical surfaces, and even cross indoor ceilings with ease. They can do this because their toe pads are made of nanoscale cavities that have a vacuum effect, like a suction cup.

The Nano Grip Tape™️ works exactly like this. By having nanometric cavities everywhere on the tape, it acts like a suction cup.
This is why it doesn't leave any trace and grips so strongly, because it doesn't use glue to grip but only nanometric cavities.

Example of use

Pictures by our customers and our team 

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